First Visit

Your First Visit | Moonstone Dental | Oakville | Mississauga

From the moment you walk into our dental centre, our friendly team will provide you with the most comfortable and relaxing dental experience.

New patients are provided with a variety of flexible appointment options for a special first exam. A Patient Information Form is filled to give us valuable background of your overall health.

Your First Appointment

On your first appointment, you’ll be provided with every opportunity to make yourself comfortable in a modern waiting area that is well equipped with all necessary provisions for entertainment and comfort.


A courteous team member will then accompany you into another room and a thorough, one-on-one interview will follow.

Your dentist will then see you and examine the condition of your mouth including gums, tongue, cheeks and of course, teeth. Some necessary x-rays and Photographs may also be taken to complete your case record and help in planning the treatment.

Patient Exam

The mouth is not only the gateway to your body, it is also a mirror that reflects overall health. And while its’ amazing healing ability is a gift of nature, it also makes it challenging to diagnose problems as they become symptomatic at considerably late stages. It is therefore in your best interests to get regular dental exams done for yourself and family so that everyone can enjoy a healthy life full of bright smiles.

Our patient examining protocol is designed to ensure a thorough look for any traces of irregular function or disease while being the most comfortable and soothing experience possible.

The Consultation Appointment

After your exam the doctor will review all the gathered information, establish a diagnosis and develop a recommended treatment plan. These will be discussed with you during the interactive follow up visit which will allow you to exchange information, determine your needs and plan the course of your treatment.

Together, we will work from you oral health to overall health!

Payment Options

To ensure that our patients get the care and treatment they need in a timely manner we have financial arrangements to make it easier for them to take healthier decisions.

Insurance Claims

We accept a variety of different Insurance providers. Our staff will guide you to determine your dental benefits as estimated by your Insurance provider.


  • Inviting and comfortable environment

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Kids play area with iPads

  • Popcorn machine

  • Coffee bar and refreshment drinks

  • Convenient location

  • Free Parking

Anxious Patients

If we had to give one reason for naming the practice Moonstone, it would be “to help create a soothing dental experience”. In other words, anxiety before your first dental appointment is normal. We just try to make sure that it’s also the last time you have dental anxiety.


Our environment, staff, procedures, all work towards this common goal of providing a stress-free oral health experience for you and your family. We undertake several measures as part of our anxiety reduction protocol including but not limited to sedation dentistry using Nitrous Oxide.

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