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Why You Shouldn't Skip Your Dental Check-ups

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

It is very important to visit the dentist at least every 6 months for a routine dental check-up and maybe even more frequently if recommended by your dentist.

We usually underestimate the importance of dental check-ups, most of the time putting them off until we can try to free up some time. Usually dropping them down on our top priority list and focusing on what we feel is more important. This is one of the biggest mistakes to do! Our Oral health is as important as any other health concerns if not more important. Visiting the dentist on time has many benefits and advantages. Every part of our body is connected and neglecting one part may and will deteriorate our general health over time.

“We usually underestimate the importance of dental check-ups”

As dentists, we know that dental visits are not where most would like to spend their time, but an on-time dental visit could save you so much time in the future and money. Maintaining a good oral health takes so little from you but gives you so much in return in the long run: strong, healthy gums, teeth, breath and overall oral health.

If it crosses your mind to skip a dental visit, reconsider your thoughts one more time. WHY? Here are just a few of over a million reasons to think about.


We probably got your attention now. Yes, oral cancer does exist and in fact it is extremely serious. Many of the times oral cancer is not diagnosed and these cases progress very quickly. Visiting the dentist on time will detect early cancer in its early stages and can be easily treated.


Even if you brush twice a day, plus flossing, plus doing everything you possibly can do, there will always be small areas that are missed. This leads to plaque and tarter built up and ignoring this could result in cavities and tooth decay.


Remember what we spoke about above? Well, plaque and tarter could also result in Gum Diseases. Plaque built up could cause gum infections breaking down gum tissue.


Soe times, the eye can only see so much. You may think your oral health is in perfect shape. Well think again. X-rays see way more than our eyes can see. They see well and deep beneath the surface diagnosing issues the naked eye may miss.

“Is it worth it in the end?"

We will let you make the final decision! It’s a quick and easy decision to skip a dental visit, but a much bigger and complicated one down the road. Book your next dental exams with Moonstone Dental Centre in Oakville, Ontario here!

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