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Crowns & Bridges

Loss of teeth indicated towards and opens up a wide variety of situations that may warrant intervention to control further damage.

While accidents are an uncontrollable element, tooth loss from disease is an alarm that calls for immediate attention and action.

Not only does the disease causing tooth loss needs to be treated and controlled, the damage from the tooth loss itself also needs to be restored to prevent the patient’s mental and oral health from going further on it’s downhill path.

How do lost teeth affect our health?

Lost teeth can directly affect the mouth and also indirectly affect the patients overall health. This happens by way of two main avenues.

  • Firstly, missing teeth directly affect chewing ability which subsequently affects digestion and absorption and therefore, general health.

  • Secondly, the detrimental impact on speech and aesthetics often result in a loss of confidence and may have a heavy bearing and a negative impact on personality as a person seems to age prematurely.

Dental crowns and bridges can be fabricated from a variety of materials for either affordable or natural looking results. These include metal, ceramic or a combination of both.

There are also different types of bridges which differ in design and way the artificial tooth replaced. For example, a conventional bridge uses crowns on the teeth adjacent to the missing one whereas a Maryland dental bridge uses small metal wings that are attached to the inside of the adjacent teeth.

Just like poor oral hygiene habits can cause loss of natural teeth, continued complacency can cause dental treatments like crowns and bridges to fail as well – for the same reason.

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