Cold Sore Treatment

Cold Sore Treatment

Cold sores are very common amongst adults and can be treated at our Moonstone Dental office in Oakville, Ontario.


Cold sores are fluid-filled like blisters that develop on and around the lips and are sometimes very painful in nature. For the most part, cold sores heal on their own and could possibly take up to two weeks to recover. There are over the counter- ointments that could be applied to the cold sore to help relief pain and aid in the healing process. 

However, for an effective and immediate alternative, we use Laser Cold Sore Treatment in our office to treat the cold sore early. 


It is highly recommended to book an appointment as soon as you notice the cold sore to treat the area immediately to avoid a breakout. If the cold sore already exists, also book your appointment right away to reduce any discomfort, and pain and to speed up the recovery time. 

What Are The Benefits Of Cold Sore Laser Treatment?

Many ask “why should I use Laser Cold Sore treatment?” The cold sore will eventually go away on its own or I can just use an ointment. Well, the answer is simple!


The repeated use of laser cold sore treatment could actually prevent cold sores from ever returning in the same area again! 

There are so many benefits to The Laser Cold Sore treatment. Here are just a few to consider:

  • Stops the breakout process 

  • Heals faster minus the pain

  • Bye Bye to pain immediately 

  • Destroys the virus 

  • Affordable and may be covered by insurance 

Contact Moonstone Dental Centre, Oakville at (905) 829 5665 to book your Cold Sore Treatment appointment, or:

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